happy4 test results

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happy4 test results

Post by vampire lord12 on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:21 pm

Test Format:

Tester Deck: harpies

Testee deck: synchro dark deck

Results of the Duel : 5/15
1-2 = 5/15
2-1 = 10/15
2-0 = 15/15

Control of duel: 9/15 - he had control of the duel for a little whie then i came bakk and took over the duel he made a little good plays that gave him advanages played good combo cards alot of good combos.

Main Deck Build : 6/10 - theres alot of cards just thrown together that kinda work well but u could limit down your deck to forty cards so u can get to your good cards faster

Extra Deck : 6/10 - dont rally need 3 beezles and 2 lavalval chains in the extra deck u should use more synchros and dont really need m7 in extra deck

Concentration : 3/5 - ddint really have full concentration because he tried to synchro for 6 and then after the fact realizers he didnt have a synchro for 6.

Missplays : -5 for each missplay 5/10 - he tried to synchro for 6 but he didnt have a synchro for 6 all of thee synchros he had were lv8

Card/Ruling Knowledge : 9/10 - he knew my deck and his deck kinda well but he forgot he had no synchros for 6 in extra deck.

Side Deck : 3/10 - the side deck really doesnt work with main deck very well and dont have a full side deck.

Siding : 4/10 - he really didnt need to sid for anything the cards he had inside deck didnt really go with the main deck.

Sportsmanship : 2/5 - he quit the duel on the second try and before that he was nice and respectful until he just quit the duel

Total: 52/100

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Re: happy4 test results

Post by Kylo Ren on Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:16 pm

Congrats in reaching Ra, it seems you need to work on your deck and you'll be great. Close to Ra.

@demarionebrown good to see your testing is getting better. Try to add the last part of the test (what dorm needs what points and the final: congrats you made it to), not everybody knows the dorm points by heart.

Kylo Ren

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Re: happy4 test results

Post by Lux on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:38 am

I think we should put him in Ra.


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Re: happy4 test results

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