WhyChooseAName's test results

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WhyChooseAName's test results

Post by Angel on Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:40 am

Match Results: 23/100

chaos dragon angel 2
WhyChooseAName fairy deck 0

Win:Loss 0:2 = 0/20 i won 2-0

Deck Construction = 6/20 it has insane draw power in right situations, but your deck needs a lot of work, u don't play any traps, u don't play staple spells, u play slifer and few other random monsters, try to get 40 cards in deck

Ability = 4/20 he didn't use hyperion eff, never attacked, put kristya in grave, put to grave one card instead of banish, forgot to sent cards form hand to grave at the end of turn (while u did not have ur spell), u did not go in gachi gachi while u had shine balls on field

Siding = 0/10 u had no side

Extra Deck = 1/10 4 cards in, 2 gachies and another 2 random rank 2 monster. put 15 cards in extra, of rank 2 monsters herald of pure light, n 96: dark mist etc. since u play a lot lvl 4 monsters put excition, 101  and other staple rank 4 cards, rank 8 would be ok too, like felgrand or heliopolis

Rulings = 2/10 he had to go before he finsihed last 2 questions, but ok

Deck Commonness = 10/10 saw simmilar decks like your but ur version is extremly creative, u play some cards i would never play in deck but that make su deck rare and fun to paly, playing so many fairies gives u draw power, aynway, nice deck lol

Overall Result: 23/100

Slifer Red = 0-49 <<< u are here
Ra Yellow = 50-79
Obelisk Blue = 80-100
Horakhty Gold is only obtained by getting 95/100 or more on the test then purchasing the Horakhty Gold test.

Congratualtions You Made It To: slifer red

This is test result that shows how shuold test results look like. With explanations, not 1 word explanations, real explanations. Who don't want to do explanataions will get demoted from tester position. I hope i was clear enough. Thank you for attention.

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