orgtar test results

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orgtar test results

Post by vampire lord12 on Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:18 am

Tester Deck: prophecy spellbooks

Testee deck:

Results of the Duel : 0/15
1-2 = 5/15
2-1 = 10/15
2-0 = 15/15

Control of duel: 6/15 - didnt really have control of duel.but he neagted some of my effects that was good

Main Deck Build : 5/10 - there were lots of cards thrown together just need to focus on five headed dragon if use him add more dragon rulers and take out the normal monsters. or turn this deck around 2 a chaos five headed dragon deck.

Extra Deck : 5/10 -
didnt really work to well with main deck accept for five headed dragon u can take out azure eyes and black rose and beezle and replace them with some good overlay monsters

Concentration : 5/5 - he stayed focus the hole time stayed on task and was on point and never went anywhere

Missplays : -5 for each missplay 10/10 -
he didnt missplay at all u knew his cards and stayed on top of his best

Card/Ruling Knowledge : 10/10 - he knew his cards very well and my deck very well. he read everything to make sure it was correct

Side Deck : 5/10 - dont really need polymerization if u have dragon's mirror in main deck dont really need the equips spells

Siding : 10/10 - he did side doing the duel even though the side cards he put in he didnt get too use in the duel

Sportsmanship : 5/5 - he was very polite and helpful towards the duel. and he was nice and kind.

Total: 59/100

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Re: orgtar test results

Post by (All Stars) Kirito on Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:48 am

woah how come no one gets obby off of u i dnt get tat

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Re: orgtar test results

Post by Lux on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:03 pm

Welcome to Slifer


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Re: orgtar test results

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