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Lore and Such…
“Infernoids” is an archetype composed of FIRE fiend-type monsters that debuted in Secrets of Eternity. The monsters are based on Jewish Mythology (so I’m told). The archetype name is a portmanteau of “Infernal” and “Void”. The monsters’ original names are based off of the names of demons in Jewish Mythology while the S/T names are based on the words “Purgatory (OCG)” and “Void (TCG)”.  In YGO lore, each Infernoid corresponds with a Qliphort Monster and they are said to have been sealed within the Sacred Tree of Naturia together. The Infernoids were sealed within the Qliphorts and both archetypes bear the similarity of “thick latticework lines that adorn their bodies” and share similarly colored “cores”. Each Infernoid monster shares a “color” with a Qliphort monster represented by their spheres and are connected to individual “Qliphoths (Spheres of Holiness... or whatever) in Jewish Mythology. However in the TCG, since we are PG-13, Konami must avoid making references to Satanic Deities so, they were given new names... that represent the level they have. (Onuncu means “tenth” in Turkish)

Play Style…
Infernoids all share the effect that they cannot be normal summoned and involve special summoning powerful monsters from either the hand or graveyard by banishing other Infernoids from either/or. The level <4 Infernoids can only be special summoned from the hand, by banishing 1 Infernoid from hand or grave, and have effects that act as removal, while the level >4 Infernoids can be special summoned form either hand or grave, by banishing 2, and have effects that activate during the battle phase. All Infernoids share a similar effect that they can be tribute to banish 1 card from your opponent’s grave as a quick effect; however the smaller Infernoids can only use that effect during your opponent’s turn. This effect allows them to “protect” themselves by chaining their effects to benefit you when targeted by a chainable effect (PWWB/Karma Cut).  Note that Infernoids have a summon-restriction on them that only allows them to be summoned when the combined levels of all monsters you control are less or equal to 8 (This includes ranks). This prevents them from overall spamming the board with overwhelming monsters, as Konami has learned from March 2013 format, is unhealthy for the game.

The Monsters:

Infernoid Antra:

Infernoid Antra:
Infernoid Antra is a level 2 Infernoid Monster that can be special summoned from the hand by banishing 1 Infernoid monster from either the hand or graveyard. Antra means “second” in Lithuanian and the monster possesses gray “spheres” corresponding with Qliphort Stealth.  Both of which are based off of the “Qliphoth” Ghagiel.
Its effect to remove cards off of the field without destroying them is extremely useful in today’s meta, making it useful against cards such as Burning Abyss Dante and Shaddoll Winda. Note that it can also remove spell and trap cards, however being limited to only face-up cards. Its level 2 level doesn’t pose any noticeable advantage. Play 3

Infernoid Harmadik:

Infernoid Harmadik (lel)
Infernoid Harmadik is a level 3 Infernoid Monster that can be special summoned from the hand by banishing 1 Infernoid monster from either the hand or graveyard. Hermadik means “Third” in Hungarian and the monster possesses black “spheres” corresponding with Qliphort Shell. Both of which are based off of the “Qliphoth” Satheriel.
Its removal effect is similar to that of Antra, but Harmadik destroys cards instead of returning them to hand. It can target both face up and face down cards, but is only limited to monsters. Destroying cards is not recommended in today’s meta, but a form of instant removal isn’t horrible. It also offers another Infernoid to be used as banish fodder, and you should run as many as you can. Its level 3 allows you to make rank 3’s, such as Dante, with cards such as Tour Guide of the Underworld, Tragoedia or Kuribandit, if you choose to do so and run them. Run 3

Infernoid Patrulea:

Infernoid Patrulea
Infernoid Patrulea is a level 4 Infernoid Monster that can be special summoned from the hand by banishing 1 Infernoid monster from either the hand or graveyard. Patrulea means “Fourth” in Romanian and its Blue spheres correspond with Qliphort Disk. Both of which are based off of the “Qliphoth” Gha’aghshblah.
Patrulea’s monster removal effect allows it to destroy S/T, giving Infernoids its own backrow hate card. Its effect is extremely helpful in clearing opposing spells and traps such as floodgate cards. Its level 4 is extremely useful in making Rank 4’s or Level 8 Synchros with cards such as Lightsworn Raiden. Run 3

Note the wording on these effects; “Once per turn”, meaning if you can bring out multiples, you can use all of the effects. Once per turn also means you can use the effects…. Once per turn, meaning if your opponent can’t get rid of your monster, you can continue blowing up their board.
All >4 Infernoid Monsters can be special summoned from either hand or graveyard by banishing 2 Infernoids from either hand or graveyard. This allows them to be revived from the graveyard, making “Hand Advantage” less important in Infernoids as it would be in other decks. All level above level 4 Infernoid monsters have effects that activate during the battle phase.

Infernoid Piaty:

Infernoid Piaty
Infernoid Piaty is a level 5 Infernoid Monster whose name means “Fifth” in Polish. Its Red sphere corresponds with Qliphort Cephalopod, both based off of Qliphoth Golachob.
Its effect allows it discard a random card in your opponent’s hand when it inflicts battle damage when it destroys a monster by battle. Its lackluster effect combined with 2 restrictions makes it the worst Infernoid monster in my opinion. However, most people run 2 to allow for the ability to make rank 5 xyz’s. Run 1-2

Infernoid Seitsemas:

Infernoid Seitsemas
Infernoid Seitsemas is a level 7 Infernoid Monster whose name means “Seventh” in Finnish. Its green sphere corresponds with Qliphort Carrier, both based off of Qliphoth A’arab Zaraq.
Its effect allows it to banish 1 card from your opponent’s fiend during the end of the battle phase after it has attacked a monster. Note that Seitsemas does not have to destroy the monster or inflict any battle damage to activate its effect, but does have to survive. Also note that this card’s effect DOES NOT TARGET. Its ability to utilize one of the best removal’s in the game paired with the fact that it does not target makes this card my favorite one in the archetype. Its level 7 allows you to make powerful rank 7’s such as Dracossack, Big Eye, and Master of Blades with cards like Blaster and Tragoedia. Run 3

Infernoid Attondel:

Infernoid Attondel
Infernoid Attondel is a level 8 Infernoid Monster whose name means “Eighth” in Swedish. Its orange sphere corresponds with Qliphort Helix, both based off of Qliphoth Samael.
Its effect allows it to attack twice per battle phase, if it has destroyed a monster and has sent it to the graveyard. This card is your main beatstick, its 2800 attack and double attack allowing you to push for some serious damage. Its level 8 allows you to make Rank 8’s such as Hieratic Sun Dragon and Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand with cards like Tragoedia. Run 3

Infernoid Onuncu:

Infernoid Onuncu
Infernoid Onuncu is a level 10 infernoid Monster whose name means “Tenth” in Turkish. Its Multi-Colored sphere corresponds with Aqliphort Towers, both who are based off of Qliphoth Naamah.
Its effect allows it to destroy all other monsters on the field when it is summoned. Note that this card requires 3 banishes instead of 2, and lacks the ability to tribute a monster to banish a card in your opponent’s graveyard. Instead, Onuncu is able to tribute a monster to negate a S/T card once per turn. Its nuke- effect and S/T negation paired with its 3000/3000 body makes this card a powerful boss monster. Its level 10 allows you to make Rank 10 XYZ’s with cards such as Tragoedia. Note that its extremely difficult to do so, since Onuncu also possesses the restriction that it cannot be summoned if you have more than 8 levels/ranks on the board.  Run 1

The Infernoid Spells:

Void Seer:

Void Seer
Void Seer is a quickplay allows complete protection for any Infernoid that you control from any effect for the rest of the turn. In addition it allows for protection from destruction by banishing this card from the graveyard. This card can assure you that an Infernoid gets its effect off, making it powerful with cards such as Seitsemas and Attondel, letting you push for damage and remove cards from your opponent’s field without any worry about a response. Run up to preference. 2-3 recommended

Void Expansion:

Void Expansion
Void Expansion is a field spell that generates free fodder for your Infernoids during your standby phase. It also allows for you to banish Infernoid off of your field in addition to hand and graveyard, to summon your Infernoids. The card also includes a semi-protection effect, forcing your opponent to target the highest level Infernoid you control for attacks/effects. This card provides tokens for you to either banish for a summon, or tribute for an Infernoid effect, making it pair well with Infernoid Onuncu. However, it only generates a token during your standby phase, meaning you cannot use this card during the turn you play it, making this card slow. Its protection effect is sub-par considering you will only control 1-2 Infernoid monsters at all times and its banish-from-field effect isn’t that helpful since you can tribute your smaller Infernoids to banish cards in your opponent’s grave, then banish them for a larger summon. Run either 0 or 2 depending on preference.

The Infernoid Traps:

Eye of the Void:

Eye of the Void
Eye of the Void is a normal trap card that allows you to special summon any Infernoid from your hand ignoring its summoning condition at the cost of not being able to use its effect during that turn. The best way to utilize this card is to summon the largest monster in your hand, preferably Onuncu, during your opponent’s endphase, allowing you to get your boss monster out for free and bypassing the effect negating once your opponent ends his/her turn. However, this card can often be dead considering the fact that you can special summon most of your Infernoids easily from your hand and the fact that you will be dumping most of your larger monsters with the following card… Run 0-2 depending on preference.

Void Launch:

Void Launch
Void Launch is a continuous trap card that allows you to dump 2 Infernoid monsters from your deck to the graveyard during your standby phase. Acknowledging the fact that this card can only be used during your standby phase and therefore makes it slower and more vulnerable, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your deck. Its ability to pinpoint mill 2 Infernoids of your choice is incredibly useful acting as a deck thinner and a searcher, because the larger Infernoids can special summon themselves out of the grave. Note that this card will destroy itself if you control a non-infernoid monster. If your deck already runs a large scale hybrid milling engine, such as lightsworns, this card may not be needed and will probably end up milled and useless. Run 1 or 3 depending on what variant you use

In this section I will discuss the different variants of Infernoids and the cards and techs included in each one.

TGU Engine:

The Tour Guide from the Underworld Engine-
This engine utilizes Tour Guide from the Underworld, Burning Abyss Scarm, and Kuribandit. Tour Guide from the Underworld is used to summon Scarm, which then can be used to make Burning Abyss Dante to mill 3 cards by dethatching Scarm. During the endphase, Scarm searches Kuribandit, which then can be used next turn to mill another 5 cards, setting up your grave for your Infernoids.
Cards you should run:
PRO: Consistent engine that allows semi-controlled milling with kuribandit.
CON: Slower engine that does not match the fast paced mill of other engines.

Reasoning Engine:

Reasoning Deck Burn Engine:
This engine utilizes Reasoning and Monster Gate in combination with as few normal summon-able monsters as possible to get out enormous mills. The reason I call this “deck burn” is because a good reasoning should mill out at least 20 cards, making it pseudo-win condition when played. This variant also has its own OTK. Note that you should play no more than 4 normal summon-able monsters to max out the efficiency of your reasoning’s.
Cards You Should Run:
Reasoning- The main part of the deck
Monster Gate- Secondary reasoning
Upstart Goblin- Thins out your deck so you can get to reasoning faster
Tech Choices: These are monsters that will be able to abuse the special summon off of reasoning to either stun your opponent, or advance your own board.
Tragoedia: My favorite tech in the deck. Most people don’t realize the versatility of this card. In a deck where all the monsters are different levels, its ability to modify its level allows you to make any xyz the situation calls for. Once summoned by Reasoning, you can make its level 8 by targeting an Attondel in your graveyard and then make felgrand, or if you  want to make Volcasaurus, target Piaty and make a rank 5.
Blaster Dragon Ruler of the Infernos: I run this in combination with Tragoedia as it allows this deck to OTK. Once you have reached your level limit and cannot summon anymore Infernoids, this card’s ability to summon itself as a beatstick allows you to put even more damage on the board. Its effect also allows and out to Vanity’s and other problematic cards. It doesn’t even decrease your advantage considering that you can revive your larger monsters from the grave.
White Night Dragon: Powerful reasoning target for protection/stun reasons, but dead anywhere else. It can be used in Shaddoll match-up to lock them out of fusion summoning. Can make rank 8’s
Dark Simorgh: Similar to White Night Dragon as it can stun your opponent out of using backrow and can make rank 7’s.
Brain Golem:  It is used for the satellerknight match-up as it negates all light effects. It can also be normal summoned by tributing  1 monster,  making it not totally useless if drawn.
Glow-Up Bulb: Revivable level 1 tuner allows Infernoids to make a variety of synchros.
Lightsworn Raiden: Level 4 tuner that allows for extra milling power. However it is not really needed if you resolve reasoning and most people call 4 if they don’t know what you’re playing.
Reasoning OTK:
Need: Reasoning and Blaster in either hand or graveyard
Reasoning and make sure you are able to dump Attondel, hit Trag since you have blaster in hand or grave. Make either Felgrand or Hieratic Sun Dragon with Trag and Attondel. Summon Attondel or Seitsemas out of grave. Summon Blaster. Win
Pros: Very fast and reasoning at 3
Cons: Need reasoning

Lightsworn Engine:

Lightsworn Engine:
This engine ultilizes the Lightsworn archetype in combination with milling cards that allow for you to get cards in the graveyard quickly.
Cards you should run:
Raiden- Mills up to 4 cards per turn, level 4 tuner
Lumina- Revives your Raidens for synchro plays or your Lyla’s for S/T destruction
Lyla- Out to vanity’s emptiness
Charge of the Light Brigade- Searching + Mill power
Solar Recharge- Draw power + Mill power
Pros: Fast Milling
Cons: Unable to run reasoning and very reckless mill

Generic Support:

Generic Support:
Needlebug Nest: For the sole purpose of speed, mills 5, and is chainable
Kuribandit: You can tech this in any variant because of its controlled milling. Note that although it will speed up reasoning deck, it can also interfere with the actual card, hindering your big plays.
Foolish Burial- Dump 1 card
Card Trooped- Mill 3 and can do something off of Reasoning
Breakthrough Skill: can be used in the grave and lets you to have outs to cards like Dark Law
Skill Prisoner: Protection from Virgil and Construct


Bamboo Sword Engine (MUST READ):

Bamboo Sword Engine:
This engine utilizes the bamboo swords for extremely fast draw and deck this power. Reasoning mills Cursed Bamboo Sword, allowing you to add Golden Bamboo Sword to your hand, allowing a consistent mill based draw engine for the deck. 
Cards to run:
Cursed Bamboo Sword
Golden Bamboo Sword
Broken Bamboo Sword
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast/Karma Cut/ Raigeki Break: All of these cards allow you to get rid of problem cards, allowing you to dump infernoids into the grave or Cursed Bamboo Sword, allowing you to search. Can be splashed into other varients too. 
NOTE: The bamboo engine should not be played alone and should be combined with one of the previously mentioned varients. It works especially well with the reasoning one, but would work in Lightsworn variant too.

Sample Deck Build: This is the deck I'm working on at the moment and has been testing extremely well. 

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Nice lesson! Also you gave Shaddoll build XD


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Woah thnks I nor wanted to know this but now I do

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Should add in the fun of a Marron build Razz or Necroface builds as well :3 overall good article Very Happy


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