Tester test

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Tester test

Post by Angel on Fri May 23, 2014 8:08 am

tester deck:
testee deck:

Deck Consistensy ?/20

Deck Originality ?/5

Skills ?/20

Side ?/10

Siding Skills ?/10

Concetration ?/10

Missplays ?/10

Control of the Duel ?/10

Rullings ?/15

Win/Loss ?/10 (2-0=10, 2-1=5, 1-2=2, 0-2=0)

Total: ?/120

Obelisk Blue 100-120
Ra Yellow 60-99
Slifer Red 0-59

So yeah, test is same but there is one difference.
Candidate for tester will test me or any other admin and then admin will see how fairly u graded him. In same time admin will test u too, just generally, without test, to see how much skills u have, what deck u play etc.
Candidate sends results to admin he tester by pm here, on academy.
So if candidate grade admin good and admin is satisfied with candidate's skill candidate can enter in tester group.
And yes, one more thing to all admins, be strict.

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