The GDA Grand Opening Tournament - Coming Soon

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The GDA Grand Opening Tournament - Coming Soon

Post by Pepchoninga on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:53 pm

Hello There people. Today i was made mod in here and i talked with the owner Dark Angel for us to make a Grand Oppening Tournament. I know that the academy is not new but every academy shoud have its Grand Oppening. Whit this tournament we hope to draw some more members as well as promote the site's activity. Invite friends to come and join.

There will be prize's to the member(s) who can invite the most new members for this tournament.The event will be a month long so prizes will be given at the end of October (or earlier depends on the scores). Rules for the tournament will be posted later this week or the start of the other and we hope to start as soon as posible.

Tell us if you are exited for the event Smile


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