Envoy6789's Horakthy Test Results

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Envoy6789's Horakthy Test Results

Post by Lux on Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:49 pm

Tester : Shaddoll
Testee : Fabled Raccoons

Results of The Duel : 0/15 -  0-2 - He lost 2-0

Control of the Duel : 3/10 - I gived him to control start of the Game 2 to show me what he got but when I started to play for real he start losing.

Main/Extra Deck Build : 13/15 - Im not Raccoon Expert especially Fabled Raccoons but it looks pretty decent

Concentration : 10/10 - He followed the duel

Missplays : 10/10 - None

Card Knowledge : 10/10 - All good

Side Deck : 9/15 - Side Deck is decent but Siding Skills aren't best. I wonder why you didn't side these 2 Debunks? Caius would work pretty good too,Vanity as well.

Deck Rarity : 4/5 - Raccoons ? Not rare, but Fabled Raccoons are! 

Total : 59/90 

My decision : I think you are skilled but in these duels you didn't show any unexpected moves or something which proves you should be Horakhty so I think You will stay at Obelisk. Better luck next time mate.


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