pandorasfinest results

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pandorasfinest results

Post by bakura_swag on Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:57 pm

tester deck: Harpies
testee deck: Mermail

0/10 - Results of Duel (5 for one win, 10 for both)

15/15 - Main Deck Build (Standard deck)

2/5 - Control of duel (Some control game 1, only able to set monsters in game 2 )

1/5 - Deck rarity (It won euros, pretty common)

0/15 - Side Deck Build (None)

15/15 - Extra Deck Build (Solid extra deck)

9/10 - Concentration (ended a turn prematurely in game one, fine otherwise )

10/10 - Misplays (No missplays)

0/10 - Siding Skills (Did the player side properly against the testers deck. If no siding did it work right. No side deck means a 0)

X/5 - Rulings Test (will be filled in when available)

52 + X/100 Welcome to Ra Yellow


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