TheoNo1's Test Results

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TheoNo1's Test Results

Post by ab9999 on Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:56 pm

tester deck: Mecha Phantom Beast
testee deck: Meklord

0/10 - Results of Duel (5 for one win, 10 for both) He lost 0 - 2

5/20 - Main Deck Build (Does the deck look consistent and can it win duels or a normal version of itself, do not subtract points due to it being meta or tech choices)
The deck was very slow. It had little means as of getting what it needed and few cards could really even do anything. Deck had little defensive or offensive capabilities and needs lots of work. I suggest adding pot of duality It adds consistency to deck Of course there are other things You can look at cards that assist destruction for ur beatsticks or look up machine support Also the traps/spells I saw u use were bad They were meklord spell/traps lol Most of them had a better counterpart I understand wanting to keep in theme but I suggest using them Also add some staples like solemn and stuff They are universal cards in just about every deck and u see them in almost every deck cause they are good

5/5 - Deck Rarity(Is the deck common or rare)
How often do u see meklord?

0/15 - Side Deck Build (Does the side deck counter the meta, is there anything here that should not be here, no side deck means 0)
Has no side deck for certain reasons he explained Either way tho he was in a hurry and forgot to make it xD No side = 0 on this obviously

0/15 - Extra Deck Build (Does the extra flow with the main deck and are there useless cards or things missing)
Also forgot to add extra

8/10 - Concentration (Did the player pay attention to their card effects and resolve them properly)
I missed this to but I was the first to notice the mistake. He forgot both his monster gain 100 att and he is the one with the deck xD (I have an excuse as I NEVER see them :L) Everything else seems fine

8/10 - Misplays (Subtract 2 points for any  misplays that occured, not like playing a combo wrong but like playing dark hole when the opponent controls a beelze. THIS CAN GO NEGATIVE)
Forgot to activate his effect to halve my monsters att at one point It wasn't a big deal tho so no harm done Still good to overkill tho ;D

0/10 - Siding Skills (Did the player side properly against the testers deck. If no siding did it work right. No side deck means a 0)
No side deck

4/5 - Rulings Test
He knows all the basics and only my last question got him! Very Happy

Total: 30/100 Welcome to Slifer Red! Notes are above but if u added a side and extra deck as well as added some common staples to ur deck u probably would have made yellow If you ever need help feel free to PM me!  ^_^

Obelisk Blue 91-100
Ra Yellow 51-90
Slifer Red 0-50

For horakty gold u have to score at least 96, and if you do, defeat one of admins in match.
Extremly hard to reach but for guys who reach it can be very proud on themselves.

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Re: TheoNo1's Test Results

Post by (DS) Deathwing on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:35 am

^i got a 96 Very Happy Ima try this crap once i get 300dp lol

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Re: TheoNo1's Test Results

Post by Lux on Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:57 am

Welcome to Slifer. If you are not happy with your results then duel in duel arena and recruit members so you can get enough duel points for retest.


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Re: TheoNo1's Test Results

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