Still's results

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Still's results

Post by bakura_swag on Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:17 pm

tester deck: harpies
testee deck: "Darkness" or ''A 60 card dark deck with a variety for originality sakes''

0/10 - Results of Duel (5 for one win, 10 for both)

17/20 - Main Deck Build (Deck a bit too large, not much was seen out of it)

5/5 - Deck Rarity(Deck is unique as hell)

15/15 - Side Deck Build (He knows what he's doing)

15/15 - Extra Deck Build (Not seen much, but I can tell by looking)

10/10 - Concentration (Dude called me out on my heck ups)

10/10 - Misplays (Knows his shiatsu)

5/10 - Siding Skills (Side was not seen to counter)

3/5 - Rulings Test

80/100 - Welcome to Ra Yellow!


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