Clash of Gladiators

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Clash of Gladiators

Post by Lux on Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:46 am

Hello fellas! We're not done just yet with announcements! I'm here to represent you the new monthly event on GDA, The Clash of Gladiators.
Every month all members will be able to nominate two duelists from different dorms. Once nominating is over, Staff will make a poll where you will be able to vote for someone to duel in Clash of Gladiators. If the winner is from lower dorm, he/she will get promoted to the losers dorm and the loser will get demoted to  winner's dorm. If the winner is from higher dorm, he/she will get DP prize of 5000 DP AND immunity to Clash of Gladiators duels in the future.  If two members with most votes are from the same dorm, next member with most votes will duel instead. If two members from same dorm are tied, staff will judge who will duel.
All Heraklinos Gold members are IMMUNE to get nominated for this event. However, once per month, Heraklinos Gold dorm members will be able to challenge any member for a Clash of Gladiators (if they lose, they get downgraded, winner gets 5000 DP and immunity instead.)
That's it for now, I hope you all like it!


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