Wind_viper's test results

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Wind_viper's test results

Post by Nightmare on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:09 pm

Wind_Viper vs Nightmare
Speedroid Karikuri vs Gem-Knights
[2/1/0] - [2/1/0]
Playstyle: Big hitting Synchro summoning

Grading The Deck 25/35
Consistency: 5/7 about as consistant as speedroids can be missing some stuff to keep it going a bit quicker though
Power: 4/7 you have good coverage and have things that can get around the meta but you dont have too much of that
Synergy: 6/7 just a fast synchro deck hard not to have synergy though you cant use one of your speedroids effects to go into your combos he severely limits you.
Side: 0/5 youre kinda lacking on what a side deck really is its got one card that can be useful
Extra: 2/3 pretty stacked for your main strategy, however you could be running a few more situational cards.
Deck Origonality/Rarity: 6/6
Interesting and Unique Techs and Card Choices: 2/0 the karikuri thing in itself is pretty interesting and would be great to see what it could really do.

Grading The Duel 11/18
Siding: 0/5
Usage of Cards: 5/5 you did what you were able to do with what you had.
Control: 1/3 game 1 you had me in the palm of your hand game 2-3 was under my control
Misplays: 5/5

Everything Else 10/13
Ruling: 9/12
Attitude: 1/1

Total: 46/64

Laquari Red
Alexander Yellow <------------------------- 46
Equeste Blue
If you get 63 or above, you are eligable for the Heraklinos Gold placement test.


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Re: Wind_viper's test results

Post by Lux on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:15 pm

Welcome to Alexander!Smile

Bruh people, you need to make side!


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Re: Wind_viper's test results

Post by Tequila on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:16 pm

Why do people always neglect there side decks!?!?! The side deck is just as important as the rest of the Deck if not more.

Anyway rant over, Welcome to Yellow!

Failure is not an option.

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Re: Wind_viper's test results

Post by riot1man on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:39 pm

welcome to Yellow


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Re: Wind_viper's test results

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