Doctor's test results

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Doctor's test results

Post by Angel on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:41 pm

Zombie vs. evilswarm
doctor angel
2-0 for tester

Grading The Deck X/35
Consistency: 2/7(Does your deck run out of resources easily? Does it brick easily)?
Power: 3/7(Were the plays of the deck powerful? Did they manage to create a powerful board control or gain card advantage? If they make a setup and lose it, how difficult is it for them to get out of it (if this is relevant)?
Synergy: 4/7 (Do some of the cards harm others? Do the cards work well together)?
Side: 1/5 (Did they have a full side deck? Was it well equipped for each deck it is likely to face, also known as the meta)?
Extra: 0/3 (Does he/she have an appropriate extra deck that is well equipped for as many relevant matchups and scenarios as possible)?
Deck Origonality/Rarity: 6/6 (The testers will have a specific way which this is graded. You can see this specific way in a post below).
Interesting and Unique Techs and Card Choices: x/0 (If you run any interesting and unique card techs and choices, you get 1 bonus point for each tech and card choice).

Grading The Duel X/18
Siding: 1/5
Usage of Cards: 2/5 (How well does the testee use their cards)?
Control: x0/3 (How well can the testee manage to control the board, and maintain that control)?
Misplays: x/5(Did they make misplays? If so, how many? 1 point off per misplay; can go into the negatives).

Everything Else X/13
Ruling: 4/12 (The tester will give you a link to the ruling test along with its password ( Did the testee know their rulings? And did they mess up their rulings? Ruling errors may be counted into misplays).
Attitude: 1/1 you are awesome Very Happy

Total 34/66
0-44 Slifer Red
45-60 Ra Yellow
61-66+ Obelisk Blue
If you get 65 or above, you are eligable for the Horakthy Gold placement test.

welcome to slifer, more luck next time Smile

~Dark Angel~

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