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Post by Pimp on Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:29 am

tester deck: Ghostrick/chaos/monarch
testee deck: Evilswarm-Constellar

0/10 - Results of Duel (5 for one win, 10 for both)

10/20 - Main Deck Build (Does the deck look consistent and can it win duels or a normal version of itself, do not subtract points due to it being meta or tech choices)

5/15 - Side Deck Build (Does the side deck counter the meta, is there anything here that should not be here, no side deck means 0)

5/15 - Extra Deck Build (Does the extra flow with the main deck and are there useless cards or things missing)

2/10 - Concentration (Did the player pay attention to their card effects and resolve them properly)

4/10 - Misplays (Subtract 2 points for any misplays that occured, not like playing a combo wrong but like playing dark hole when the opponent controls a beelze. THIS CAN GO NEGATIVE)

3/10 - Siding Skills (Did the player side properly against the testers deck. If no siding did it work right. No side deck means a 0)

Total Score 34 Welcome to Slifer Red

Obelisk Blue 91-100
Ra Yellow 51-90
Slifer Red 0-50


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Re: PlanetAmirAiman

Post by Lux on Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:44 am

Welcome to Slifer. More luck next time Very Happy


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