Major Rule Change:

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Major Rule Change:

Post by B@TMAN on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:49 pm

In case you did not notice there was a major change on how a game ends.
Additionally, the rules for determining the winner of a Duel while a card or effect is resolving have changed.
OLD: A Duel cannot end during the resolution of a card effect, but will end immediately afterwards if the victory condition has still been achieved.
NEW: If a player’s Life Points reach 0 during the resolution of a card effect or a player is required to draw and cannot, the Duel immediately ends. If a card’s special victory condition, such as that of Exodia the Forbidden One is achieved during the resolution of a card effect, the Duel does not immediately end. If the victory condition is still true after the current effect on the Chain resolves completely, the Duel ends.

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