infiniteclock998's re-test results

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infiniteclock998's re-test results

Post by Nightmare on Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:37 pm

Tester Deck: Masked heros

Testee deck: yosenju

Results of the Duel : 15/15 
1-2 = 5/15
2-1 = 10/15
2-0 = 15/15

Control of duel: 9/15 - didnt have control the majority of game 1 but got it back with a snatch steal top deck. game 2 had all control.

Main Deck Build : 5/10 - a majority of the deck is built as yosenju stun however the deck also, has some elements of the traditional yosenju, try to focus on one idea. running a single dimentional prison in the grand scheme of things is not really going to help you there are much better choices, and running magat in yosenju stun isnt going to help you much either.

Extra Deck : 10/10 - standard rank 4 extra deck.

Concentration : 5/5 - no missclicks were made.

Missplays : -5 for each missplay 10/10 - no missplays were made.

Card/Ruling Knowledge : 7/10 - tried to use vanitys once i overlayed my cards, once someone overlays their cards you cannot interupt the xyz summon, the most you could do is end up using it afterwards in response to the summon.

Side Deck : 4/10 - you have a couple of cards that will help you with meta matchups however the side deck is quite out of date, and as such has no universal use right now.

Siding : 1/10 - you had quite a number of options to go with and you went with the worst of them, and took out something that was not entirely essential so thats good.

Sportsmanship : 5/5 - good all game.

Total: 71/100

Slifer Red : 0-59
Ra Yellow : 60-79 <~~71
Obelisk Blue : 80-99
Normal test Horakhty gold : 100

(Retest for Horakhty Gold minimum of 95/100 is required)

Congratualtions You Made It To: need to keep your side deck up to date, and work on keeping a singular idea for your deck otherwise you'll end up encountering issues that you otherwise would not have had to deal with.


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