GDA's very own Dota 2 team!

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GDA's very own Dota 2 team!

Post by Planet Goddess on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:38 pm

I have decided to try and make my own Dota 2  team, but I will need 4 more members and some StandIn's for members who cannot participate in Ranked Play. Anyone can apply. Please apply using this format.

Most played Heros: """""""
Activity on GDA: """""""
Activity on Dota: """""""
Activity on Steam: """""""
Ways to contact me: """""""
Number of Wins: """"""""
Number of Games played: """"""""
Percentage of Abandoned Games: """"""""

For example, my application would be like this:

Most played Heros: Techies, Tiny, Dragon Knight, Huskar, Troll Warlord, Riki, Slark
Activity on GDA: 13-15 hours a day
Activity on Dota: 5-6 hours a day
Activity on Steam: 14k hours total, 12 hours a day
Ways to contact me: Steam, Skype, Facebook, GDA, DN
Number of Wins: 12863
Number of Games played: 14643
Percentage of Abandoned Games: 0.039%

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