Stormtail9000's Test Results

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Stormtail9000's Test Results

Post by Tiger Soldier on Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:48 am

Stormtail9000's Test Results

Tester Deck:
Ultra Athelete (U.A)

Testee deck:

Results of the Duel : 0/15
1-2 = 5/15
2-1 = 10/15
2-0 = 15/15

Control of duel: 4/15 -
Had little to no control.

Main Deck Build : 5/10 - You have a few unneeded cards and are missing some essential ones. Try ditching Garuda and adding Temptest to search and dump your tuner

Extra Deck : 6/10 -
A basic build with nothing too special or bad.

Concentration : 2/5 -
You weren't paying too much attention, as shown when you used Veiler after I tried to use Monarchs Storm-forth on Stardust Dragon to summon Perfect Ace.

Missplays : -5 for each missplay 10/10 -
No missplays made.

Card/Ruling Knowledge : 4/10 -
You messed up several times and sometimes it seemed as if you weren't reading my cards.

Side Deck : 4/10 -
Your side deck has cards that are needed, but not in enough quantity. The cards you do have multiple of you won't use too often.

Siding : 2/10 -
You sided in cards like SiM and LiM which wouldn't be at all effective against my deck.

Sportsmanship : 5/5 -
Never spoke ill and took losing well.

Total: 42/100

Slifer Red : 0-59
Ra Yellow : 60-79
Obelisk Blue : 80-99
Normal test Horakhty gold : 100

Congratualtions You Made It To: Slifer Red

Tiger Soldier

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Re: Stormtail9000's Test Results

Post by Lux on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:14 am

Welcome to Slifer.


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Re: Stormtail9000's Test Results

Post by Super Buu on Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:34 pm

Welcome to the academy my young lad Very Happy and welcome to Slifer Very Happy

Super Buu

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Re: Stormtail9000's Test Results

Post by Planet Goddess on Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:42 pm

Welcome to Slifer.

Planet Goddess

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Re: Stormtail9000's Test Results

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