myeyebuthurt test results

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myeyebuthurt test results

Post by socialboy on Fri May 16, 2014 4:45 pm

Tester:Harpies Testee:Ninjas
Testee Lost 0-2 (0)
Deck Consistency:5/20 Some Cards Are Just Hurtful To Consistency.
Deck Originality:4/5 Not Seeing Ninjas Very Often.
Skills:5/20 Kinda Bad But Can Improve.
Side:Nothing 0/20
Siding Skills:0/20
Concentration:6/10 Didnt Notice That Chidori Doesnt Gain 200 Power Boost From Hunting Ground.
Missplays:0/10.He Did Alot.
Control Of The Duel:Had No Control Whatsoever 0/10.
Card Knowledge:5/10 Didnt Know Some Of My Cards Eff,For Example Chidoris First Effect.

Obelisk Blue 100-120
Ra Yellow 60-99
Slifer Red 0-59

For horakty gold u have to score at least 115, and if you do, defeat one of admins in match.
Extremly hard to reach but for guys who reach it can be very proud on themselves.


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