Spellbooks 101 With Gabe Senpai: World vs Priestess

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Spellbooks 101 With Gabe Senpai: World vs Priestess

Post by AdamTheTopGunDemamp on Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:42 am

So hi hi this is my first lesson on YGO itself and i will be basically explaining which variant of Spellbooks um well is the best vs the meta this format and why with what reason.

So lets start with the World Build classically composed of a 3 mag 2 priestss 3 Temp 1 World monster line up this build revolves around going for World via temperance getting the +2 and then Nuking the other niggas board. So vs the meta this excels very well against Qliphorts because they revolve around board presence vs BA it works fine although u wont get a full blown Field Nuke due to floaters vs Satellas World is a win condition if u can get the full eff off and vs nekroz it depends on the presence they have on board. This build is significantly faster as temperance acts on the turn its summoned and worlds eff is huge.

Now the Priestess variant is standard composed of 3 mags 3 Priestss 2justice/1Temperecance or 3 Justice or even 2 temps 1 justice and sometimes full blown 3 temp. This build revolves around getting as much hand advantage as you can with 3 Books to summon priestess from the hand for the Justice variant the problem is that this build has become much too slow for the format and you are forced to run 3 reckless Greed taking up even more place where in the world build you can replace them with staples. Although the Priestess build is nice as you dont get a Dead world in hand its speed has really made it hard to run this format. VS the meta i would say it has an advantage over the World build against Nekroz only since Nekroz going 1st only have the Djinn lock play to go for, vs BA your likely to get OTK before you get ur plays out same goes with Qlis, vs satellas it can work fine IMO just as well as the world build for this match up. Vs Shadolls I would say both excel the same.

Basically to Round up if the format was not so fast Priestess Build would be more viable but given how fast the format is and how slow the priestess build is the world build is more viable due to it being faster and more explosive as well as creating more + off a big play as your wind condition.

Thanks for those who bothered to read this Have a good day Wink

(feel free to criticize and ask questions)

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