Shilon Test Results

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Shilon Test Results

Post by Planet Goddess on Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:33 am

Tester Deck: Box Of Friends
Testee deck: Masked HEROs

Results of the Duel : 5/15 
1-2 = 5/15
2-1 = 10/15
2-0 = 15/15

Control of duel: 4/15 - Had some pretty cool turn 1 combos, but never locked down my deck or kept me in any tight spots. Had no negations which led to me being able to freely run the board.

Main Deck Build : 4/10 - Has some potential, needs to be worked on. Deck is too slow as it is now. Shilon, I recommend adding some draw and search engines in.

Extra Deck : 6/10 - Had Masked HERO Dark Law to shut down my grave and searches, had Masked HERO Acid to take out my back row. Extra Deck didn't see much play other than those 2. 

Concentration : -2 for each mistake 1/5 - You weren't concentrated on your cards, you were too worried about mine to notice that Dark Law banishes all my cards that are sent to grave. Good job staying on top of the duel though, thats the only reason you got a point for this category.

Missplays : -5 for each missplay 0/10 - Tons of misplays. You need to work on reading your cards and your opponents before you go recklessly running in and whipping out cards.

Card/Ruling Knowledge : -3 points for every mistake 0/10 - You messed up many times man, and on top of that, you weren't even reading either mine or your cards' effects. I even used Chameleon's effect wrong on purpose to see if you were even reading my cards, which you weren't.

Side Deck : 4/10 - Not full 15 cards. Only some cards would ever be sided in. Where are you Flying "C" and Fairy Winds and shit like that? It needs ALOT of work.

Siding : 0/10 - Didn't even side... You could have sided SOMETHING. Even siding Royal Decree or Dark Bribe would have gotten you some points.

Sportsmanship : 5/5 - Didn't get frustrated or upset when losing. Was very nice throughout the entirety of the duel.

Total: 29/100

Slifer Red : 0-59 <~~ 29

Ra Yellow : 60-79

Obelisk Blue : 80-99

To test for Horakhty you need to have a perfect score which is 100/100 or have bought a retest and obtain a score of at least 95/100

Congratualtions You Made It To: You need to work really hard man. If you keep working, I'm sure when you buy a re-test you could make it to Ra or possibly even Obb. Strive to be the best you can be. Welcome to Slifer.

Planet Goddess

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Re: Shilon Test Results

Post by Clocky on Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:38 am

Welcome to slifer mate!!!!


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Re: Shilon Test Results

Post by 9spaceking on Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:40 am

[ERROR 404: "WOW" NOT FOUND] day.

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Re: Shilon Test Results

Post by Angel on Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:00 am

welcome to gda ^^

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Re: Shilon Test Results

Post by Lux on Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:19 pm

Welcome to Slifer.


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Re: Shilon Test Results

Post by Thomas96x on Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:54 pm

Welcome shilon, better luck next time dude Smile

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Re: Shilon Test Results

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